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Woodworking Machinery Industry Association

The Woodworking Machinery Industry Association wanted the next generation to be aware of this potential career path. The WMIA asked TGD to develop an awareness campaign targeting future woodworking technicians. We researched the industry and conducted interviews and discussions with the WMIA team. We then created a marketing plan and series of ad concept options using carefully conceived messaging. After a direction was chosen, we developed the collateral materials needed to fulfill the campaign including online toolkits.

The WMIA campaign was produced in two parts and included:

  • • Research and Analysis: Interviews, discussions, review of collateral materials
  • • Messaging: purpose, action, key messages and slogans
  • • Marketing Plan and Campaign Components: A suite of campaign collateral provided to targeted companies and other partners to customize and use through their own communications channels.

Campaign 1: Focuses on students, parents and school personnel to make them aware of the career potential in wood products manufacturing.

Campaign 2: Focuses on B2B on behalf of the manufacturers to the customers

Concepts Presented

WMIA Campaign Concepts

Campaign 1

WMIA Campaign Ad
WMIA Campaign Ad
WMIA Campaign Ad
WMIA Campaign Ad
WMIA Campaign Twitter Desktop Mobile
WMIA Campaign Twitter Bus Shelter