Institute of Certified Construction Industry Financial Professionals (ICCIFP)

ICCIFP provides construction accounting certification holders with opportunities for continuing education to help them maintain their knowledge and certification in an ever-changing field. ICCIFP is an independent, separately incorporated entity affiliated with the Construction Financial Management Association (CFMA).

In 2011, TGD was asked to develop a plan to increase certification numbers. TGD interviewed and surveyed key stakeholders to determine why they were not certified. Based on the responses, TGD revised ICCIFP’s branding, messaging and restructured their website to clarify the role of the institute from the association (CFMA) to members. We also developed a promotional campaign to attract members to certification using both traditional and digital advertising. When the campaign was completed, 82% of Construction Financial Management Association (CFMA) Members were certified.

Awareness Ad
ICCIFP Awareness Ad
ICCIFP Awareness Ad
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ICCIFP Corporate Member Ad


ICCIFP Corporate Member Ad
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ICCIFP Individual Member Ad

Member Certification Seal Usage
ICCIFP Member Certification Seal Usage
ICCIFP Member Certification Seal Usage

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ICCIFP Web Landing Page

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