Science & Technology

National Academy of Engineering

The NAE salutes leaders in engineering for their lifetime dedication to their field and commitment to advancing the human condition through great engineering achievement or through innovation in engineering and technology education.

Each year, TGD developed and designed a sophisticated marketing and media plan to build recognition of these prestigious awards which give more than $1 million annually. Our primary goal was to increase brand awareness to the same level as the Nobel Prize, while increasing the number of annual nominations. We created awareness using targeted Web and print advertising, direct mail, websites, public relations and university posters.

Nominations have increased by more than 31% and 30% to the NAE Awards website from 2001-2012.

Awards Campaign 2013

2013 Email
2013 Poster
Digital Ads
2013 digital ad
2013 digital ad
2013 digital ad

Awards Campaign 2012

2013 Program
2013 Program
2012 Poster
2012 Ad