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An outdated brand presence did not represent their membership or reflect the association’s strategic initiatives of Brand Protection, Trade Advocacy and Supply Chain Compliance.

The website was unresponsive, disorganized, and didn’t address the association’s new strategic global initiatives. It required integration with other CMS programs and a design that would work on an iMIS RiSE platform.

Brand Assessment, Communication Audit, Naming, Logo Design, Application and Documentation
Website Audit, Assessment, edesign and iMIS Development with ISG Solutions
AAFA home mobile
AAFA home mobile
AAFA home mobile


Branding: After conducting interviews and researching names a decision was made to establish a new logo that allowed for changes in the near future such as the removal of American and Association. In this way, the organization will remain current and address their global audience while maintaining their advocacy focus.

Website: Designed for the iMIS RiSE platform, the new site offers seamless integration with the membership database management system, email campaigns and social media. The new design is serious, modern and highlights the initiatives provided by the association and the value of the organization.

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The new brand application has aided in repositioning the association as the leader in brand protection and supply chain compliance for the apparel and footwear industry. Since going live there has been a 27% increase in traffic to the site.


Increase in website traffic