TGD develops distinctive approaches aimed at AAPS members, who primarily come from a pharmaceutics, biopharmaceutics, or pharmacy field of study. A highly competitive field, TGD works hard to make AAPS standout from all the other groups vying for their attention. To build awareness for the AAPS Annual Meeting and Exposition, TGD uses custom illustrations that reflect the industry and the meeting location. Art directing a custom illustration for such a broad, scientific organization is as much about what NOT to include, as is what TO include. Once the elements are right, the marketing strategy, design, production and distribution cycle begins.

Partners with AAPS for more than 17 years, we work as a team to develop new conference themes and determine the most effective mediums to make the annual meeting the best experience for members, increase attendees and remain cost-effective.

Long-Term Growth

In 1998, we began our relationship by leading a brand audit, designing a new logo and rebranding the organization to match its growth and influence. Despite dramatic changes in the industry and economic recessions, AAPS has grown to 11,000 members with a steady yearly increases in meeting attendance.

Consultation and Strategy

Consultation & Strategy

Design and Marketing

Design & Marketing

Original Art

Original Art

2015 Conference Identity

AAPS 2015 Save the Date AAPS 2015 Annual Meeting Banner
AAPS 2015 Office Poster AAPS 2015 Postcard

2014 Conference Identity

AAPS 2014 Final Program
AAPS 2014 Conference Banner AAPS 2014 Conference Mailer AAPS 2014 Conference Mailer

2012 Conference Identity

AAPS 2012 Final Program
AAPS 2012 Call for Papers AAPS 2012 Exhibit Challenge AAPS 2012 Welcome Attendees

2011 Conference Identity

AAPS 2011 Final Program
AAPS 2011 Call for Papers AAPS 2011 Mark Your Calendars AAPS 2011 Welcome Attendees

Previous AAPS Conference Identities

AAPS 2015 Call for Papers
AAPS 2014 Final Program
AAPS 2013 Program at a Glance
AAPS 2012 Final Program
AAPS 2011 Exhibit Guide
AAPS 2009 Exhibit Guide
AAPS 2008 Exhibit Guide
AAPS 2007 Exhibit Guide
AAPS 2006 Preliminary Program
AAPS 2005 Program at a Glance
AAPS 2004 Final Program
AAPS 2003 Call for Papers

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