ASI serves nearly 4,000 clients and millions of users worldwide, but after years of being the top AMS, the iMIS user market was changing, along with the perception of the company. When the time came to announce their revolutionary new product, iMIS20, they turned to TGD. We researched their competitor’s branding and suggested not only updating the iMIS logo but also the ASI parent company identity. In the end, we created a complete campaign to spread the word and reintroduce ASI and iMIS to the market.

ASI Marketing Pieces

Reinventing from Top to Bottom

TGD dug into the history of ASI to discover what originally made them successful. We interviewed key stakeholders and collaborated with ASI’s marketing team to provide a strategic plan for the branding, messaging and campaign direction.

In addition to reinventing the ASI brand, we needed to redefine iMIS as the first ever Engagement Management System (EMS) — a completely new concept for users. TGD’s plan included stimulating existing certified iMIS developers and users with new branding, and bolstering the marketing to re-establish ASI’s position as an essential tool for associations and non-profits.


Brand & Identity





Design & Marketing

Design & Marketing

Staying #1

ASI was the first group to market directly to associations and iMIS20 is a singular solution. Our new branding helps them flaunt it... subliminally.

ASI and iMIS are Number One

Promotional Campaign

Using a multichannel approach, TGD created campaign elements

Targeting end users, this series of advertisements introduced iMIS20 to the market.

ASI Print Ad 4
ASI Print Ad 5

Targeting the developers, this promotional video was presented at the ASI Innovations conference.


A visual language for communicating the new brand was established, including an icon system that can be used to support ASI’s mission across all media platforms.

ASI Icons

Website Design and Implementation

Using our newly acquired knowledge of iMIS20 we designed and developed the new ASI site using the RiSE CMS to integrate the new brand.

As an Authorized iMIS Consultant, TGD works with iMIS developers and users to assess and design sites.