The Center of Concern is a globally influential non-profit group working to achieve sustainable economic and social justice based on historical Christian and Catholic values by analysis, education, advocacy, and capacity building throughout the global community.

Center of Concern TGD

Getting to Know the Center of Concern

As with all branding projects, the assessment period is the most important. It is during this time that we build an understanding of our client’s organization and establish the proper goals and intentions of their brand.

We studied the Center of Concern’s mission, services, and historical roots to create a communication strategy that would help them appeal to a new generation of volunteers and non-profit workers. We broadened their lexicon to be more friendly and accessible defining their mission with simple, clear graphics and designing a logo that symbolizes their value system. The bright, optimistic visual identity, complete with its own symbolism gives the Center of Concern an energetic brand built on a strong historical foundation, but with an eye toward the future.



Strategic Marketing Plan

Strategic Marketing Plan




The new brand is built around an energetic and colorful new visual branding system for the Center of Concern. Details within the logo design and subsequent Pastoral Circle (mission) were designed to represent core principles of the organization.

Center of Concern Logo Before and After
Center of Concern Logo Rationale

Logo Rationale

The Center of Concern mission to push for social and economic justice is rooted in a deep history of Christian and Catholic teaching. We wanted to design a system that would invoke memories of traditional, pattern-rich Christian art and architecture, while at the same time develop a symbolic representation of the Center of Concern’s values.

Center of Concern Pastoral Circle

The Pastoral Circle Re-imagined

This methodology represents the mission of Center of Concern, therefore we decided to make it the core visual element of the brand. This flexible visual representation can be applied across all communications.

Codifying the Circle

Center of Concern Pastoral Circle Shape

The recurring nature of the Pastoral Circle is represented by this shape which also alludes to its four moments.

The four moments of the circle are symbolized by patterns. We added synonymous terminology to each stage, expanding the lexicon and creating a new means of communicating with various target markets.

Center of Concern Pastoral Experience


Center of Concern Pastoral Analysis


Center of Concern Pastoral Reflection


Center of Concern Pastoral Action


Putting it All Together

The result is a flexible, fresh identity system that exudes the kind of positivity the Center of Concern strives to bestow on the world every day.

Center of Concern Flyer
Center of Concern Flyer
Center of Concern Flyer
Center of Concern Flyer

Signs of the Times Calendar

The Center of Concern’s primary donation appreciation piece is an annual calendar that honors outstanding individuals who have fought to correct social injustices around the world.

Center of Concern Calendar
Center of Concern Calendar Center of Concern Calendar Center of Concern Calendar Center of Concern Calendar Center of Concern Calendar

Motivational Videos