Putting the Self in Self-Employed

NASE represents 23 million entrepreneurs and micro-businesses, and is the largest nonprofit, nonpartisan association of its kind in the United States. Changes in the way the self-employed manage their business — primarily healthcare — has altered the way the NASE approaches members. TGD has been a key consultant, designer and web developer — working with the NASE to reimagine membership and introduce new marketing paths.


Value Redefined

With NASE’s focus shifting from advocacy and low cost insurance to a business resource for the self-employed—TGD was asked to assist in a new marketing strategy starting with a complete assessment of the NASE identity platform from logo and brand standards to updated member benefits and multiple websites.

The new approach includes using actual member profiles and professional photography on everything from their publications to their website.

Consultation and Marketing

Consultation and Marketing

Assessment and Branding

Assessment and Branding

Communication and Design

Communication and Design

It all Started with a Publication

SelfEmployed, the NASE bi-monthly printed publication, (2005-2011) was the initial catalyst for TGD’s relationship with NASE. The ideas generated during a publication audit and redesign led to a complete rebranding of the organization and a long, ongoing partnership.

Self Employed Nov Dec 2008
Self Employed Sep Oct 2006
Self Employed Sep Oct 2009

The printed magazine was transformed in 2011 to SelfInformed, an online interactive publication. This allowed for an increase in the publication cycle from 6 issues to 12.

Self Informed March 2012
Self Informed Jan 2013


Having worked with NASE on multiple redesigns of their site, TGD was asked to facilitate a new site redesign in 2014, prompted by changes within the association. The new design prominently features the value of NASE in all aspects of business focusing on how to START, GROW, and SAVE with NASE.

Page Design and Messaging

Adding Individual Spirit to the Brand

Focus shifted from the traditional "red, white and blue” advocacy theme to a business resource for the self-employed — providing tool kits to start-up kits — NASE is there for its members.


A set of graphic standards was developed to help the NASE maintain brand equity for all formal communications.


Communicating to Members

Associations are only as strong as their members. TGD redesigned and restructured NASE’s materials to to showcase their outstanding products and services, which in turn helped them increase their already impressive member base.

Member Answer Books
NASE Startup Kit
NASE Benefits List

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