WaterWorks! is a promotional effort — spearheaded by 11 water agencies who make up the Value of Water Coalition — to educate the general public on the importance of maintaining the national water infrastructure. Because of our history working with many of the individual agencies, TGD was a natural choice to create the branding and awareness campaign.

Waterworks Logo

A Splash of Reality

TGD worked with the Coalition to define a unified campaign theme for the public which satisfied each water agency’s needs. We began by branding the campaign WaterWorks! to build awareness and establish a position.

We developed multiple theme concepts to suggest the urgency of the campaign deciding on "it’s all over if we don’t fix what’s under", and creating custom illustrations to stimulate interest in the four key target areas: safety, usability, economics and health.

Consultation & Strategy

Consultation & Strategy

Campaign Development

Campaign Development

Custom Illustration

Custom Illustration

Multi-channel Approach

TGD created a downloadable online took kit of marketing materials to be used in various media channels from print to billboards, to web and metro advertising.

Waterworks Town

Display Banners

Waterworks 6x10banner 1
Waterworks 6x10banner 2
Waterworks 6x10banner 3
Waterworks 6x10banner 4

Customizable Brochure

Personalized for water agencies

Waterworks Brochure

Bus Pannels

Waterworks Bus Wrapper Green

Web Promotions

Waterworks Web Banner Tall Orange
Waterworks Web Banner Long Green Waterworks Twitter Hero